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Rescued Horse Gives Birth to Foal in County Care



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    Animal Services
    Bonita the filly was born in county care after her mother was rescued from a Valley Center property.

    When San Diego County Animal Services seized a variety of neglected animals last weekend, workers came away with 31 horses.

    Now, they have 32.

    One of the recently rescued mares gave birth to a little foal Friday at the Bonita Animal Shelter.

    When the mother and fellow emaciated horses were first taken from the Valley Center property, every rib could be seen poking out from under their skin. They also suffered from severe hoof problems, veterinarians said.

    But under the careful watch of county caretakers, the baby was born to be the picture of health and cuteness.

    The name chosen by staff? Bonita.

    “Because A: she’s at Bonita right now, and B: Bonita in Spanish means pretty, and we all think she’s very very pretty,” said Dan DeSousa, deputy director of Animal Services.

    Three llamas, four miniature cattle, five geese and one dog were also among the animals rescued from the property in the 28300 block of Hell Creek Road. They have been taken to a private ranch or the county’s Carlsbad facility.

    DeSousa says there’s a slim chance the owner will legally get the livestock back. They’ll most likely be sold at a future silent auction.

    Right now, that owner is not facing any criminal charges. Once the depatment finishes its investigation, it will present the case to the District Attorney’s office, which will decide if charges will be filed.