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Quarry Survivor Describes Workplace Shooting

Quarry worker said the only reason he survived is the shooter ran out of bullets.



    The sheriff explains what happened that lead her deputies to take down a gunman wanted for killing three people and injuring seven others. (Published Thursday, Oct. 13, 2011)

    One of the men who was inside the quarry meeting when a gunman opened fire is talking about what happened early Wednesday morning.

    Kerry Shaffer has only worked at Lehigh cement for three weeks.  He said in that short time he found the suspect in the shooting to be a nice, funny guy who was easy to work with.

    He said he's still trying to process the horrifying shooting that left three co-workers dead and six others injured.

    Some 27 hours after the shooting, sheriff's deputies found the suspect, Shareef Allman, crouched behind a car in the front driveway of a home.  Sheriff Laurie Smith said when her deputies attempted to make contact with the man he raised a gun in their direction so they opened fire shooting and killing him.

    Shaffer said he's relieved Allman is dead and says his heart goes out to those who died. He said he feels fortunate to have survived.

    "I feel lucky. It was a scary day that's for sure," Shaffer said. 

    Shaffer said the day began normally.  He said Allman arrived to work about 15 minutes late. "He came in happy and smiling. Said good morning to everybody.  Got a cup of coffee.  Went back to get his vest and boots and came back shooting," Shaffer said.

    Shaffer describes watching Allman shoot the men one by one.  He says the first one targeted was a supervisor.

    Shaffer said Allman said prior to each shot he looked the person in the eye and asked, "You think you could f-ck with me?"  

    Shaffer said when Allan got to him, he was out of bullets.  Shaffer said as Allman reached for his assault rifle he took that split second to run out of the building to hide under a porch.

    He said he heard more shots, but stayed put until police arrived.

    Also Thursday, the Associated Press spoke to a close friend of Allman's who said Allman showed him a new AK47 over the weekend and said he would use it at work.
    Brandon Powell, 20, told AP when he asked what the gun was for, Allman said there were racist people at work who were "messing" with him, then laughed.
    Powell says he thought Allman was joking.

    So far police have aid they don't have a motive for the shooting other than to describe Allman as a disgruntled employee.