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Poway Tells Skaters to Give Them the Finger

Skateboarders will have to start checking in.



    Poway Tells Skaters to Give Them the Finger
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    San Diego's financial woes have meant high times for some skateboarders.

    Skateboarders in Poway will have to jump a new obstacle, when it comes to skating at the city's skateboard park, the North County Times reported.

    On Friday at 6 p.m., the city will turn on a new biometric scanner to control access to the park, located at Tarascan and Civic Center Drive, the paper reported.

    People who use the park will have to scan their fingers at the park's entrance before they are allowed to enter. Park-goers will be required to have their fingerprints and photos on file with the city, the paper said.

    The hope is that the scanner will end bullying, reduce vandalism, and other problems at the park, the paper said.

    City officials told the paper they spent over $1 million to build the park and they want to ensure everyone has the opportunity to enjoy it. As of Thursday afternoon, more than 100 people had registered their fingerprints with the city.

    The scanner reportedly cost the city $91,000 to install and is only one of several security improvements at the park.