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Poway School Staff Trains for Shooting Scenario



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    Sheriff's deputies take part in an active shooter training drill at Abraxas High School in Poway.

    Teachers and principals in the Poway Unified School District are learning how to react during a school shooting.

    Abraxas High School set the stage for a simulated shooting drill Monday. San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies and Poway firefighters demonstrated how they would handle an emergency on campus.

    During the 3.5 hour exercise, deputies with mock firearms searched for the “shooter.” They secured classrooms and evacuated students. Firefighters treated volunteers, posing as wounded victims.

    “For law enforcement, we train this all the time,” said Lt. Jeff Duckworth of the Poway Sheriff’s Station. “But for someone who’s never seen this, it can be traumatic.”

    Although scary, school administrators say exercises like this are well worth it.

    “It’s hard to say when the actual event occurs how you would respond at the moment,” said Dave MacLeod, assistant principal at Abraxas High School. “But it’s to give you that awareness that it will occur fast.”

    "It takes your breath away," PUSD Superintendent John Collins said. "It enforces how serious this could be and how important it is we are ready and trained."