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Mom, Kids Rescued from TJ: Cops

Police believe the mother and her sons were held hostage and abused in Tijuana



    On Thursday night, a family was back in the U.S. thanks to a mother's determination.

    On Jan. 17, Amanda Curry took her kids to Tijuana to see their father Jairo Reynoso, 26.

    In an interview with NBCSan Diego, Curry said for 8 days, Reynoso violently abused her, holding her hostage in his home.

    "I had to leave, I had to get out of there," Curry said.

    Mom, Kids Rescued from TJ: Cops

    [DGO] Mom, Kids Rescued from TJ: Cops
    A Northern California woman said she was held against her will in Mexico by the father of her two sons. San Diego police worked with Mexican authorities to escort Amanda Curry back to Tijuana Thursday to collect one child from his father, who is allegedly a known gang member recently deported to Mexico.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 28, 2011)

    She finally convinced him to let her go. She walked across the border with her oldest son, but had to leave her youngest behind as a sign she would return, she said.

    Tearfully Curry said, "It was hard. I had to make a decision. I had to do it for my safety."

    Once safe in San Diego, Curry contacted police and went to a
    hospital for treatment.

    Local police worked with Mexican authorities and with them by her side, she went back to get her son.

    Investigators say Reynoso is a known gang member and was deported to Mexico last year.

    As of Thursday night, he was back in custody, to the relief of Curry.

    "I am hoping he can learn that maybe he can change and not do it to anyone else. That he can finally figure out his life and have a fine life, cause me and my kids are going to have a great life and nobody is going to take that away," she said.