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Missing Persons Report Eerily Echoes Model's Death

Reality TV star Ryan Jenkins described



    Missing Persons Report Eerily Echoes Model's Death
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    Ryan Alexander Jenkins, Jasmine Fiore

    While reality TV personality Ryan Jenkins was filing a missing persons report for his ex-wife, he told police of her perfect teeth and nails. Just hours earlier, investigators believe Jenkins had pulled those teeth out with pliers and severed the woman's fingertips with some kind of blade.

    Jenkins filed the report at a West Hollywood sheriff's station on Saturday, Aug. 15, saying his wife Jasmine Fiore had disappeared the day before while running errands.

    When asked to describe Fiore, Jenkins said she had "perfect teeth" and had just gone to get her nails done.

    Jenkins is suspected of killing his ex-wife, model Jasmine Fiore, whose body was found in a dumpster in Buena Park. Fiora's body was found Aug. 15 stuffed into a suitcase with a broken nose, missing teeth and the last digit of all her fingers, cops told the AP. Police ultimately identified her by tracking the serial number on her breast implants.
    Two days before Fiore's body was found, the couple checked into a hotel in San Diego, said investigators, who are not sure where she was killed.

    Model Murdered

    [DGO] Model Murdered
    (Published Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2009)

    After an international manhunt, Jenkins body was found in a motel in British Columbia. Jenkins died from an apparent suicide, according to investigators.

    Investigators said extensive surveillance video from two hotels and the couple's Los Angeles penthouse, as well as cell phone records, interviews and other evidence helped them piece together the gruesome crime.
    The couple y checked into the luxury boutique hotel L'Auberge Del Mar around 6:30 p.m. Aug. 13 and had a porter help with a huge cart of luggage at the resort, where rooms range from $300 to $3,000 a night. Later that evening, the couple attended a poker tournament at the nearby San Diego Hilton and left around 2:30 a.m. on Aug. 14.

    Surveillance video shows the couple at the valet booth at the hotel, the last time Fiore was seen alive. Two hours later, at 4:30 a.m., Jenkins was seen on surveillance video returning to the L'Auberge alone. He checked out around 9 a.m. without Fiore and without the suitcase in which her body was found.

    Gruesome Details Revealed in Model's Murder

    [DGO] Gruesome Details Revealed in Model's Murder
    As they announce a warrant for the arrest of Ryan Alexander Jenkins, investigators reveal brutal details in the death of Jasmine Fiore right in front of grief-stricken family and friends of the model found stuffed in a suitcase in a trash bin.
    (Published Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009)

    Police said they believe Fiore was severely beaten in the car after the poker tournament and Jenkins brought her into their first-floor hotel room through a private patio entrance that fronted a parking lot. They believe that Jenkins then put Fiore in the suitcase and took it to Fiore's car through the same entrance.