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Weekend Waves Will Be Mellow



    Weekend Waves Will Be Mellow
    jim grant
    A perfect end to another perfect day.....

    When you think of Memorial Day Weekend in San Diego you probably have visions of the beach.  After all, it's the unofficial beginning of summer and nothing quite defines the San Diego lifestyle like a day at the beach.  So what kind of conditions can we expect heading into this holiday weekend?  

    For surfers who like big waves, conditions won't be the best.  The south swell that peaks on Friday will begin to back down leaving most San Diego county breaks in the knee to waist high range on Saturday. Sunday we're expecting things to back off even more.  Mellow conditions like these make that  long board in the garage all the more attractive.

    Just as the surf size varies from beach to beach, so does the water temperature.  Expect ocean temperatures to be in the low 60's this weekend.  While some areas around the county saw a little bit of drizzle and rain Thursday night, it wasn't enough to cause a runoff concern.  No need to worry about excessive pollutants in the water.  Ocean conditions should be favorable.  

    Even though the swell is backing off, remember there's always the possibility of strong current and dangerous rips.  If you're not a surfer and you're just out to enjoy the ocean, always do your best to swim near a lifeguard.  Enjoy your time at the beach and have a safe Memorial Day weekend!