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Le's Body Found By Amber Dubois' Mother

Michelle Le was found by a San Diego resident



    In a strange turn of events, Michelle Le’s body was found by the mother of slain Escondido teenager Amber DuBois.

    Carrie McGonigle found Le's body on Saturday morning with her search dog named -- Amber.
    McGonigle's daughter Amber Dubois was killed by convicted killer John Gardner in 2009. Gardner is also responsible for the 2010 death of Poway teenager Chelsea King.

    McGonigle and her rescue organization, "Team Amber Rescue," which she formed after her daughter’s death, was helping Le's family in the search.

    In a press conference Wednesday, McGonigle said that she wasn't planning on attending the search for Le, because she didn't think she was emotionally prepared. However, she eventually decided to go, and she brought her dog along.

    Mother of Slain Teen Finds Le

    [DGO] Mother of Slain Teen Finds Le
    The mother of Amber Dubois spoke at a press conference after her search team found the remains of Michelle Le.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2011)

    Before the search began, the dog darted off toward a remote canyon in the Alameda County park where the search was set.

    When McGonigle caught up to her dog, she saw what coroners would later confirm as Le's remains.

    GPS tracking showed the cell phones of both Le and the prime suspect in the case, Giselle Esteban, traveled the night Le disappeared. The canyon was several miles from the Kaiser Hospital in Hayward, where  Le disappeared from on May 27.

    McGonigle said she feels as though a higher power led her to Le's body.

    Hayward police said they must conduct more forensic examinations in order to determine the manner and cause of death.

    Esteban appeared in court Monday. She has not entered a plea, even though she was arrested nearly two weeks ago.

    Investigators say they found Le's DNA on one of Esteban's shoes, along with other evidence.

    "Our family has greatly appreciated, and would be at a loss, without the help of so many people and volunteers,” the Le family spokesperson said in a statement. “Please continue praying for and supporting Michelle as our family begins the journey to ensure justice in her honor.

    "We are grieving and preparing a memorial service for her - a proper goodbye."