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Jobless Redhead is Jobless No More

An oral surgeon hires Michael Williams, aka the Jobless Redhead



    Jobless Redhead is Jobless No More
    Ashley Concolino
    "Desperate times call for desperate measures"

    Michael Williams used his street sense to find a job.

    Once known as the Jobless Redhead, Williams is jobless no more. The man behind was hired by a Tustin-based oral surgeon.

    "Maybe somebody else who has red hair but doesn't have a job will want to rent the site from me," Williams said.

    Williams had been out of full-time work since June. He tried traditional online job search sites, but did not receive many responses until he took his search to the streets -- and the southbound 5 Freeway ramp at Jamboree Road  -- and capitalized on his moxy and hair color.

    He made several signs with "" in bright red letters and planted himself -- suit, tie and the kind of shoes that say, "Hire me" -- at high-traffic areas in Irvine.

    "Most people that drive by wave or honk or give me the thumbs up," he said last month. "People are saying, 'That's great what you're doing, I'd love to have the courage to do what you're doing, you're inspiring all of us without jobs.'"

    Williams estimated that he received about 1,000 emails and "a lot of phone calls, a lot of job offers."

    Then someone called from Dr. Jeffrey Lee's office. Now he's still out on the streets, but getting paid for it. He visits dental offices and encourages referrals.

    "Anbody that can do that deserves my admiration," said office employee Jeri Neilsen. "He's very creative and I like that about him."

    Williams bounced between several careers the past six years. He worked as a financial advisor, taught student government and coached baseball at a Christian high school and, most recently, worked on a sales team for a construction company.

    That calls for a website update. Williams' website now reads: "As of March 17, 2010, I am now employed as a Marketing Rep for one of the top Oral Surgeons in Orange County... My website is now available to other jobless redheads who would like to rent it...
    I have been truly blessed by this experience. Thanks for all the emails and kind words. I am happily and employed and still interviewing for part-time work in ministry."