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Hawaiians Say "Aloha for Japan"



    Hawaiians Say "Aloha for Japan"

    In Hawaii, a local t-shirt designer is working hard to help the people of Japan with a special t-shirt designed with the spirit of Aloha.

    The shirt went on sale on Monday and it is already sold out. The company originally only made 600 t-shirts, but they have received over 10,000 orders.

    "We announced it was going on sale on Monday and we've gotten calls from all over the world," Lanai with Aloha for Japan told the NBC affiliate in Honolulu. "It's been pretty ridiculous."

    One of the local shops selling the t-shirt said as of right now they are only accepting cash for shirts and they hope to go back to online sales soon.

    "[We] sold out in the first 5 minutes that we opened," said In4mation Warehouse clerk James Ferreira.

    The word Aloha is used by islanders as a greeting. According the dictionary, Aloha means love and affection. The shirt combines the word and the red sun from the Japanese flag.

    All of the proceeds from shirt sales will go to the Hawaiian Red Cross fund for tsunami victims in Japan.