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Girlfriend Convicted in Woman's Violent Abduction, Beating

Victim was kidnapped, beaten and left on the highway



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    Cathy McCoy (L) and Christopher Carrera (R) didn't look at each other during their arraignment.

    A 47-year-old San Diego woman was convicted Friday in the violent kidnapping of another woman.

    Catherine R. McCoy, 47, and Christopher R. Carrera, 32, were accused of abducting, beating and assaulting the 21-year-old woman because the victim admitted to having sex with McCoy's boyfriend. McCoy and Carrera allegedly dumped the victim on southbound state Route 125, just south of state Route 54, in Spring Valley on Aug. 18 2011.

    The jury found McCoy guilty of kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and making a criminal threat. However they could not reach a conclusion on a count of rape with a foreign object. The District Attorney will re-try her on that count on a later date.

    The victim described last year in court how she was beaten with a flashlight, ordered to strip and sexually assaulted with a golf club before being dumped on the side of a San Diego-area highway.

    Woman's Attack Largely a Mystery

    [DGO] Woman's Attack Largely a Mystery
    San Diego police are still searching for answers after a 21-year-old woman was found nude and severely beaten Thursday evening on state Route 125.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 19, 2011)

    The unidentified woman provided graphic details at a preliminary hearing inside a downtown courtroom, describing the beating that left her so injured, she couldn't be interviewed by police immediately after the attack.

    The victim said she was confronted when she went into a makeshift garage at a City Heights home to retrieve some of her clothing.

    The victim testified that moments after she admitted that she had had sex with McCoy's boyfriend, she was thrown into a white SUV and was being beaten on the head and body with a flashlight.

    Injured, Naked Woman Found Along State Route 125

    [DGO] Injured, Naked Woman Found Along State Route 125
    Several drivers pulled off the side of southbound lanes of SR 125 just south of SR 54 when they spotted the woman waving to flag down vehicles for help. She told several witnesses that she had been assaulted in the City Heights area and then dumped along the side of the road in Spring Valley. Artie Ojeda reports.
    (Published Friday, Aug. 19, 2011)

    She said her attackers put a sheet over her head and demanded that she take off her clothes.

    The woman testified that Carrera beat her from his position in the driver's seat.

    She said McCoy used a golf club to sexually assault her, forcing the handle inside her body eight times in a brutal attack that lasted between 30 seconds to a minute.

    An hour later police said McCoy and Carrera stopped the SUV on State Route 125, at which point Carrera allegedly pulled the victim out of the vehicle by her hair, before punching her in the face and kicking her.

    McCoy and Carrera fled the scene as the victim began waving to motorists for help police said.

    As for the relationship between the victim and the accused, the victim said she had seen Carrera about 10 times at the home she had lived in for several weeks. She testified she had been to McCoy's home to purchase drugs on two occasions.

    The victim admitted to using heroin for at least a year and half and said she smokes pot just about every day. She even described how she had overdosed four times.

    Defense attorneys used that drug history to point out the victim may have a lapse of memory or may be unable to judge time.