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Family Hoping to Raise Money for Son's Illness

A 5K walk to raise funds for over $55,000 in medical costs



    Family Hoping to Raise Money for Son's Illness

    It's a parent's worst nightmare, finding out your child is sick.

    For the Dalby family, this is their reality.

    The Dalby's learned that their son was diagnosed with West Syndrome when he was 8 months old.

    West Syndrome is the worst form of epilepsy that rarely responds to medication. In a search to find an answer to their son's disorder, they believe they may have found something that is working.

    Family Hoping to Raise Money for Son's Illness

    [DGO] Family Hoping to Raise Money for Son's Illness
    A family is hoping to raise money for their son's illness with a fundraising walk.
    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 3, 2012)

    "He's a fighter," Kelly Dalby, Conner's mother said. "He's not giving up."

    She said he is true fighter in spirit - living with a disorder that damages the brain from seizures.

    "Watching him do poorly, watching him progress, digress has been horrific,"said father Larry Dalby.

    The family has tried over 9 different epilepsy medications, which all caused bad side effects.

    Soon after the treatments, his body rebelled with seizures, he lost his vision and returned to a vegetative state.

    "I'm a mom and my job is when my child is hurt and not feeling well, my job is to fix it. I feel like in a way I'm failing at my job because I can't help Conner," said mom Kelley Dalby.

    The family tried to find an answer to their son's suffering and visited doctors across the states and the country, looking for hope.

    They finally found what they feel is the answer with a doctor in Los Angeles trying new, innovative treatment on kids in neurology.

    The first treatment cost $30,000 which made the family max out their credit cards and spend all of their savings.

    "We thought worse case scenario we lose our house and our son's better. It's worth it," said Kelley Dalby.

    But Connor needs two more treatments. Which totals $55,000.

    The family is now working with the Mitchell Thorpe Foundation in a 5K walk to raise money for Conner and other kids with life threatening illnesses.

    "More than anything I love would love to hear him say 'Mom', to be walking and I would love to see him wrestling with his two brothers and smiling, laughing, that I can know he can feel joy," said Mrs. Dalby.

    The Walk is Saturday, January 21st at Poinsettia Park in Carlsbad.

    For more information, visit the Mitchell Thorp Foundation website and search for Conner Dalby.