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Charity Donations Hit The Homestretch

Possible tax law changes pushing up donations



    Charities are getting ready for the last minute rush.

    "The last six weeks is the busiest six weeks we have," said Mike Rowan with Goodwill Industries of San Diego County

    He says it is a combination of people having time off to clean out their closets and garages and donors looking for additional write-offs on their tax return. And it's that tax return that could drive up donations for the year.

    "Because the future is uncertain on how much one can deduct," said Rowan. 

    Uncertainty in Congress as politicians consider major changes to the tax laws have people worried.  Instead of losing out on deductions, some financial advisers are telling their clients to donate now.

    "The tax deduction does help out quite a bit," said Thomas Hartley has he dropped off items at the Goodwill Store in San Diego. 

    Tyler Ruhl is helping his mother clean out her garage. 

    "I'm doing that right now for my Mom for a write-off," said Hartley.

    Clothes are the most common donated items followed by household goods and books.

    On December 31st, Mike Rowan says some of his donation centers will be backed up with cars similar the last minute tax filers lining up at the post office. 

    About 60 percent of his donors ask for a donation receipt. And while he's happy to get the donations, Rowan says people don't have to wait till the last minute.

    "We encourage them to come earlier but some I think like the excitement," says Rowan.