Calif. Voters Embrace 7 of 10 Local Tax Measures - NBC 7 San Diego

Calif. Voters Embrace 7 of 10 Local Tax Measures



    California voters didn't just pass Gov. Jerry Brown's statewide tax initiative on Election Day. They also embraced local levies at an overwhelming rate.

    According to the League of California Cities, election night returns show 71 percent of local tax and bond measures passed. Fiscal policy adviser Michael Coleman said that statewide, 171 out of 240 measures passed.

    Coleman found that four out of five school bonds and four out of five majority-vote taxes passed Tuesday. Special taxes requiring two-thirds approval did not fare as well.

    In addition to a quarter-cent sales tax under Proposition 30, 24 cities and three counties proposed majority-vote local sales tax hikes. They ranged from one-eighth of a percent in Santa Clara County to 1 percent in several other cities.

    All but three approved those measures.