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Residents Help Fight Santee Fire



    Firefighters, with the help of two helicopters including Copter One and A Sheriff's helicopter, put out a brush fire that burned dangerously close to homes in Santee in hot, windy conditions.

    The fire burned about 10 to 12 acres near 1005 Carlton Hills Blvd.

    “The fire just started spreading from the east to the west,” said resident Jose Martinez. “The fire started getting out of control.”

    Residents were seen trying to fight the flames.

    Residents Help Fight Santee Fire

    [DGO] Residents Help Fight Santee Fire
    When fire broke out just north of Santee Lakes Tuesday afternoon - as it does almost every year - residents knew just what to do. Steve Luke reports.
    (Published Wednesday, May 4, 2011)

    “They had buckets of water and were trying to put out the fire. It was getting close to their house,” said Martinez.

    "I had my son over the fence with the hose trying to do the neighbor's as well as our house," said resident Christina Myrick.

    Homes were not evacuated, according to sheriff's deputies.

    Firefighters also had a brush rig on scene. The helicopters were picking up water from Santee Lakes and making drops on the fire.

    The same area burned last September. The brush grew back quickly after a wet winter.

    Most homeowners believe kids are to blame for the fire.

    "9 out of 10 times out here, that's what causes it," said resident Sonia Krick.

    The cause of the fire is under investigation according fire fighters.