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Convicted Killer Betty Broderick Has Facebook Fans

A killer’s parole denial has sparked heated discussion on her Facebook page.



    Convicted Killer Betty Broderick Has Facebook Fans

    When one-time San Diego socialite Betty Broderick was denied parole Thursday for the shooting deaths of her ex-husband and his bride, a controversial discussion was sparked – on Broderick’s Facebook fan page.

    The parole meeting at the Chino women's prison decided Thursday that 62-year-old Broderick was unrepentant, had no insight into what she had done and would be a danger to society if she were released.

    “She has not shown any remorse over the years and really, it’s all about her and not about the victims and the families,” District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis said.

    Broderick was convicted in 1991 of second-degree murder and sentenced to 32 years to life in prison for the slayings. Her story became the subject of a book and two TV movies.

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    The socialite has maintained she was driven to kill by a bitter divorce and custody battle, which some of her Facebook fans say they can relate to.

    “I just can't believe Betty didn't get parole. She is no harm to anyone. I am glad of one thing, she kept up her "angry Betty" image,” Carol Ray wrote. “Men need to think about what they can do to a woman, and how scorned and angry they can get, and remember Betty Broderick before you go for the "other woman."

    Others strongly disagree and argue that she is a killer who deserves to be punished.

    “Lost in all of this is the fact two people are dead and don't get parole. The issue shouldn't be if Betty is a threat to society. The issue is that she took two lives in cold blood,” Dan Dugan wrote.

    During the hearing Broderick gave a long, rambling commentary claiming she doesn’t remember what happened, but she had no choice, she couldn’t let them win.

    “I am not a fan of Betty but I also don't condemn her. I think it was right she was denied parole, but I don't wish her ill. I hope she learns that murder for any reason is wrong,” Honest Doe wrote.

    District Attorney Dumanis said Thursday that the murders were premeditated and Broderick should remain in custody.

    “You might remember when she was in jail here in Los Colinas, she had a lot of incidences that pointed out her anger and her anger at Dan Broderick, her former husband. It was very contentious,” Dumanis said.

    The denial was for the longest term possible -- 15 years -- although she could reapply in three years if she makes progress.

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