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Ariz Shooting Trial May Move to San Diego



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    Jared Loughner is accused in a shooting rampage that left six people dead and 14 others injured.

    Quoting unnamed law enforcement sources, the Washington Post reported that federal authorities are planning to move the trial of alleged gunman Jared Loughner to San Diego because of pre-trial publicity in Arizona.

    There is already a strong San Diego connection to the case. Local defense attorney Judy Clarke, has been chosen to represent Loughner. San Diego-based federal judge Larry Burns has been appointed the case.

    A final decision has yet to be made, but according to the report, the decision to move the trial to San Diego, is 'just a matter of time.'

    Two San Diego trial attorneys with extensive experience in federal court disagree with the speculation included in the Washington Post story.

    Gretchen von Helms and Jan Ronis say the decision will be made by Judge Larry Burns, who is assigned to hear the Loughner case, and only after he considers arguments made by the defense, and a response by federal prosecutors.

    NBC News reports that federal prosecutors want the trial to be conducted in Tucson and will likely urge the judge to keep the trial in Arizona.

    Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords is now listed in serious condition because she is breathing on her own.

    Her husband tweeted this message -- "As my wonderful wife continues to make progress, let us all pause and reflect on this MLK day."

    Giffords underwent a tracheotomy Sunday to remove her from a ventilator.

    Two other people injured in the shooting are also still hospitalized. Both are listed in good condition.