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Twin Horses Beating the Odds



    Twin Horses Beating the Odds

    Angel, the 9-day-old filly that was born a twin, is continuing her fight for survival.

    Born March 28 to 9-year-old Lena, Angel had a radiograph – or X-Ray – done on Monday, and her leg set in a brace.
    Dr. Rodrigo Vasquez, who has been caring for twins Sunny and Angel, says that the birth of twin foals is extremely rare.

    “It can be extremely dangerous for the mare and the foals. Most twin pregnancies are interrupted around the second week of gestation to prevent a mid-term abortion” Vasquez said.
    Vasquez continues to say that because both foals were able to make it to full-term, their changes of survival have already increased.
    Helen Woodward Animal Center spokesman John Van Zante warns that the struggle is not yet over.

    “They’re active and they look great, but we can’t drop our guard. The chance of both Sunny and Angel surviving more than 2 weeks is as little as a one in 15,000,” he said.