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Alvarez Fined for Campaign Violation

The Alvarez campaign violated restrictions on its mailers



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    Former candidate David Alvarez had to pay up for two campaign violations during his November run for San Diego mayor.

    The City of San Diego Ethics Commission ordered Alvarez to pay $2,000 for violating the commission’s mailer restrictions.

    On all mass literature like mail pieces, campaigns must include the words “paid for by” clearly in a color that contrasts with the background color and is no less than a 12-point font.

    The Ethics Commission contends one of Alvarez’s mailers – which went out to 47,000 residents around Oct. 21, 2013– had a “Paid for by David Alvarez for Mayor” disclosure printed in a black color that did not contrast with the dark blue background, making it hard to read.

    Then on Nov. 13, Alvarez’s campaign printed 35,000 postcards, less than half of which were sent out to city residents. The postcards had a “paid for by” disclosure that was in 8-point font.

    Both mailers were designed and printed by campaign consultant Mission Control, which  cknowledged its mistake and agreed to pay a $1,500 portion of the fine, according to the Ethics Commission decision.

    Alvarez had to pay the remaining $500 by Feb. 7.

    Stephen Heverly, communications director for Alvarez's mayoral campaign, released the following statement Friday night:

    "As the stipulation documents state, we worked productively with the Ethics Commission and the issue is resolved."

    While he made it through November’s special election for San Diego mayor, Alvarez lost to Kevin Faulconer in the city’s runoff election on Tuesday.