30 Roosters Left Outside Escondido Store Need Homes

The roosters varied in colors, from orange to black and white.

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Fowl play was afoot outside of a pet supply store in Escondido after someone left dozens of roosters with nothing but a note just after Christmas.

In the note, the birds’ owner said he couldn’t take care of the 30 birds anymore, according to the San Diego Humane Society.

SDHS’s Escondido campus welcomed the abandoned roosters, and now the organization is trying to find homes for the birds.

The birds were all in “really excellent shape,” SDHS spokesperson Dariel Walker told NBC 7.

The roosters varied in colors, from orange to black and white.

“It’s not very common that roosters get along with each other, but this is a unique situation where they are very social with each other,” Walker said.

Roosters and other livestock animals, like horses, goats, pigs, and chickens, are sent to SDHS “all the time,” Walker said.

“There’s plenty of space at our Escondido campus,” Walker told NBC 7.

If any of the 30 roosters don’t get adopted right away, they would stay with SDHS until they can find a home.

“Any roosters that don’t get adopted, stay with us,” Walker said. “We would never euthanize an animal for space reasons.”

In a press release, SDHS said, while it wants to find a home for the birds, some city ordinances in San Diego County forbid roosters.

“If you are interested in adopting, please check with your city of residence to make sure you are allowed to have a rooster,” SDHS said.

The organization said pet owners should bring their animals into SDHS rather than abandoning them, as it is an “open admission shelter” and will never turn an animal in need away.

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