3 ICE Homeland Security Investigations Special Response Team Agents Injured

Three members of the ICE Homeland Security Investigations San Diego Special Response Team (SRT) were injured during a training exercise Friday, a spokesperson told NBC 7.

A canister used for delivering tear gas exploded, sending sharp pieces of metal flying through the air.

One agent caught a lot of shrapnel in his legs. He has undergone two surgeries and was still hospitalized.

A second agent took shrapnel to the chest and suffered damage to his eardrums. He is recovering at home. 

HSI is conducting an investigation of the incident, according to Lauren Mack, spokesperson for the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Diego.

Mack said it's believed a piece of equipment malfunctioned and caused the injuries. 

She said she could not release specific details involving the conditions of the agents due to privacy concerns.  

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