22 of the Funniest NBC 7 Facebook Reactions to That Terrible Smell

Surfers near Scripps Pier during the red tide
Dr. Michael Latz/Scripps Institution of Oceanography

By now, most San Diegans have learned that the sulfuric smell they have been noticing in recent days is connected to the massive red tide that's also creating the spectacular night time glowing blue bioluminescence that has been drawing people to the beaches. (Go here for all the details, and here for the latest electrifying night video we found).

Another side-effect of the red tide are many, many cases of people who mistakenly thought there were other, um, earthier causes for the terrible smell that's running along the coast from Baja California all the way to Los Angeles.

NBC 7's article explaining the situation has received a whopping 900 comments on Facebook, some of the riper ones we've collected below:

It looks pretty but it sure can stink. NBC 7's Omari Fleming explains why.
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