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$1M Pre-World War I Fixer Upper for Sale in Pacific Beach

It’s the only pre-World War I home remaining in Pacific Beach

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A pre-World War I home in Pacific Beach is on the market for $1 million and those familiar with the home say it needs a thoughtful makeover.

Some call the house at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Jewell Street an eyesore. Others consider it a beautiful home steeped in history.

The home has a fair amount of debris inside, the woodwork needs some work and the windows are boarded up, but a family member said they hope the new owner will fix it up and stay true to its history.

The 6,200-square-foot lot located at 1704 Grand Ave. is occupied by the main home as well as two smaller structures in the back.

NBC 7 spoke to the original owner’s great-grandson, Connor Handley, who said walking through the home is a priceless experience for him because it’s part of his family’s history.

“It is just really cool to be able to walk in there and pick up pieces of mail that say ‘To William Handley’ dated in the 1950s,” he said.

William Handley bought the land and built the home back in the 1900s. Handley family members grew up at the home throughout years and it has remained with the family ever since.

“I always drove past it and always looked and since I was a little kid, ‘Oh yeah that was my great-grandparents’ house,'" Connor Handley said.

debris inside a home for NBC 7

Another family member recently put the lot and its two-story three-bedroom, one-bathroom main home on the market for $1 million.

But the home cannot be torn down because it was deemed a historical landmark in the 90s -- It’s the only pre-World War I home remaining in Pacific Beach.

“The details are so cool inside of it. My great-grandfather did most of the work,” Connor Handley told NBC 7.

Despite the home’s condition, the realtor told NBC 7 they have already received multiple offers.

In the meantime, Connor Handley said he is perfectly content uncovering treasures hidden in the home for decades.

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