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The State of Southern California?

One politician proposed seceding from the rest of the state to form a separate Southern California



    The State of Southern California?
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    Southern and Northern California always seemed like different states – but one politician hopes to literally draw a border between the two regions.

    Jeff Stone, a Riverside County Supervisor frustrated with Gov. Jerry Brown’s tax cuts, wants Southern California to secede as its own state, reports our media partner, the North County Times.

    He is encouraging colleagues in Southern California districts to endorse the idea and gather to explore the possibility.

    After receiving revenue cuts, Stone “came to the conclusion that there is no respect for local government and the services they deliver,” he said in a telephone interview with the NCT.

    "The state has backed local government into a corner where we have to consider this option. How many more insults can we afford to take? It's shameful. It's shameful what the state has done."

    Experts say the proposal is more symbolic than anything, and will probably not become reality anytime soon.

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