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Man Forges Foreclosure Court Order

Admits forgery during guilty plea



    Man Forges Foreclosure Court Order
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    Like many Americans facing foreclosure, Marc Uribe, 45, was desperate to hold onto his house.

    But unlike many Americans, he was willing to commit a felony to do so.

    He attempted to fake his way out of the foreclosure of his Mission Valley home by creating a court order insisting that lenders heed the warnings of his civil lawsuit. The civil lawsuit he cited instructed lenders to wait before foreclosing the house.

    But Uribe had not actually filed a civil lawsuit, had falsified the court order, and had forged the signature of a federal judge on the false court order, according to a Southern District of California Federal Court release.

    He admitted the forgery and acknowledged a guilty plea in federal court on Wednesday. The plea is subject to final acceptance by the US District Court.

    The FBI investigated Uribe’s case. He faces a maximum of 20 years of custody and a $1,000,000 fine.