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Expired Driver's License? Don't Panic

California drivers whose licenses were set to expire by May, in the midst of stay-at-home orders that forced DMVs to close, will now get more time to renew

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As April ends, hundreds of thousands of California driver's licenses have expired. The DMV closed its doors in March, but you can still drive without getting a new license.

If your license expired in March, April or May the DMV says you don't have to do anything. The extension is automatic, and DMV says it has notified law enforcement agencies of the change. However, you will not receive a new license card or extension in the mail.

Drivers are encouraged to request a free temporary extension card via the DMV website, which you can print and keep with you, should you find yourself in a situation where a valid ID is required. DMV says the temporary card is optional. Click here to make a request.

NBC Bay Area previously reported an 120-day renewal deadline extension for drivers age 70 and older. That still applies. Those drivers will be notified by mail, and they don't have to do anything.

For drivers with commercial licenses and certificates -- such as freight truckers -- California DMV says licenses, endorsements, and certificates that expire between March and June will remain valid until at least June 30. Medical certificates are not covered, so drivers who need one should contact DMV.

The agency says drivers with suspended licenses are not eligible for the extension.

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