Scripps Hospital Hit With Safety Fine

Scripps Mercy Hospital Chula Vista was fined $25,000 for failing to have a safe medication system.

The Department of Public Health claims that the violation was so serious that it caused or was likely to cause serious injury or death to patients.

"The hospital failed to have a safe, effective and timely system for dispensing and administering medications," the report stated. "This is the facility's first administrative penalty."
Nine other hospitals across California got similar penalties.

"The fine issued today to Scripps Mercy Hospital by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is the result of an event more than a year ago ... that Scripps self-reported to the agency," Scripps officials said in a news release issued Tuesday afternoon.

Scripps officials said they had addressed the problem.

"Scripps Mercy Hospital has implemented a process to ensure delivery of urgent medications within 15 minutes and our internal tracking shows we are doing that 100 percent of the time. We also have provided extensive education to all staff and caregivers on this new process," the news release also stated.

Also on the Public Health Department's Web site on Tuesday, 10 more San Diego hospitals in serious violation of safety standards.

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