March Madness or Smart Planning? Both?


A vasectomy trend may make perfect sense if you're married to the typical guy.

On Thursday, the NCAA basketball tournament gets under way, which means that on Wednesday, urologists across America were slammed.

Dr. Scott Simon and his staff are extra busy this time of year -- this week in fact. Experts say that sex is not an option immediately after a vasectomy. In fact, patients have to wait at least a week. So, how to fill up that time?

Some call the NCAA tournament a sports fan's paradise: game after game and a great time to be on the couch.

Some clinics are even capitalizing off this trend. This an actual radio ad from the Oregon Urology Institute: "You want some time off to watch the games?... If you miss out on this, you'll end up recovering during a weekend marathon of Desperate Housewives. Now that's painful."

Urologists have noticed the trend developing for several years. Some of them said they see the number of scheduled procedures jump by about 50 percent prior to the tournament.

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