Lawsuit: Women Paying 39% More is Unconstitutional

If you live in California and you're not a man, you might be paying more for health insurance, according to a published report.

The city of San Francisco filed a lawsuit Tuesday against the state regulators who govern them.  The lawsuit claims California insurers are discriminating against women, charging them more for individual health insurance than men, the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to the paper, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner and Cindy Ehnes, director of the Department of Managed Health Care, approved a system that allows the insurance companies to impose "gender rating" when pricing policies, resulting in women paying as much as 39% more for coverage then men, the suit contends.

The lawsuit claims that the state's existing health insurance laws are unfair to women and should be declared unconstitutional, the Los Angeles Times reported.

For more details read "California Health Insurers Discriminate Against Women, Lawsuit Contends."

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