‘Largest Bake Sale on West Coast’ Kicks Off in SD

Mama’s Kitchen raises money for AIDS and cancer patients

apple pie generic

Healthy food is on the way for cancer and AIDS patients and their families, as a local organization kicks off what they claim is the west coast’s largest bake sale.

Mama's Kitchen kicked off its annual "Pie in the Sky" fundraiser Tuesday with a party for volunteers who will be selling the pies.

The organization hopes to sell enough pies to raise $125,000 in the next six weeks. That’s enough to fund nearly 40,000 meals, they said.

The money will help provide healthy meals to AIDS and cancer patients.

The pie sale runs through November 18. Volunteers will be selling pumpkin, pecan, apple and no sugar added apple pies for $20 each.

Mama’s Kitchen holds several fundraisers throughout the year, like the “Mama’s Day” fundraiser. This year is the 22nd year the Thanksgiving Bake Sale has taken place.

Pies can be purchased on the organization’s website and picked up at 20 different locations.

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