Bapineuzumab Could Be Key for Alzheimer's

A local researcher is testing a possible breakthrough treatment for Alzheimer's disease, a devastating illness that robs millions of elderly Americans of their memory and ability to function.

The experimental medication appears to attack a wayward protein that experts say might be the cause of the disease.

Up until now, the only therapy for Alzheimer's is medications that treat the symptoms, not the disease itself.

Michael Plopper, M.D. of Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital says the investigational drug, Bapineuzumab, is one of two very promising treatments, and has shown its effectiveness in clinical trials with hundreds of patients.

Dr. Plopper says local Alzheimer's patients are needed for a local study of the new medication.

Patients must be between 50 and 88 years old, have a diagnosis of mild and moderate Alzheimer's disease, and have a caregiver willing to be involved in the study.

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