A Wedding Day Wish Coming True

Local dermatologist helps with scar removal

Elementary school teacher Alicia Krauch is busy planning her summer wedding.  She sees herself walking down the aisle in her beautiful, sleeveless wedding dress.  That dream was not always one she thought would come true.

Alicia was bit by a spider in  March of 2008, leaving an unsightly scar on her upper arm.   She sought  the help of a local dermatologist and is being treated with a Fraxel laser and injections by Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, at the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center. 

"We typically see patients who are worried about its appearance, but sometimes a scar can be very uncomfortable; when it is painful or even itchy,"  Fitzpatrick said.  "Scars may not be that visible to others, but for the individual, it can be very debilitating, emotionally or physically."

Alicia has undergone five treatments for her scar and Fitzpatrick believes it will be completely removed before her summer wedding.

Dr. Richard Fitzpatrick, with La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Centre, is known internationally for his innovative work developing medical lasers. He created many well-known laser procedures including laser resurfacing of the skin with the UltraPulse CO2 laser. Dr. Fitzpatrick authored medical textbooks on laser surgery and more than 100 scientific articles.  He lectures all over the world. He has trained thousands of physicians in laser techniques.

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