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Mayor Loses Nearly 100 Pounds

Sanders tells the magazine patience is key



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    San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders in July 2009 (L) and in April 2011 (R).

    Mayor Sanders is one of many Americans who have to juggle work, stress and their weight and he recently shared his story with a health magazine on how he lost 94 pounds.

    In a recent article for Men's Fitness Magazine, Sanders, 61, chronicles his effort to lose 94 pounds.

    “This has been gradual," he told the magazine. "Weight doesn't come on all of a sudden, and it doesn't go off all of a sudden, so there's no magic way to do it. It's just hard work and sticking to it.”

    Sanders told the magazine that the weight "just snuck up on him" as he went from job to job. He also commented on his high blood pressure and cholesterol.

    We reported back in April how Sanders lost 70 pounds and at the time he said “the hardest part was making the commitment."

    Walking is what ultimately helped Sanders shed pounds, he said. He told Men's Fitness that he would walk up to 70 miles a week.

    Beyond walking, Sanders said he also changed up his diet and is working with trainer.