10 Foods That Improve Your Looks

How to glow from the inside out naturally

 Would you change your diet if it made you more attractive?

From sunflower seeds to sardines, some foods help to get you glowing from the inside out. 

Whoever thought nibbling on pumpkin seeds would help improve your skin? They contain fatty acids that not only nourish the skin but help maintain skin integrity and keep skin cells performing optimally, according to Dr. Steven Chang.

Also on the list:oregano, thyme and parsley as a substitute for salt in your food. Salt can cause puffy bags under your eyes in the morning, said Dr. Doris Day, author of "Forget the Facelift."  

While you're at it, slice up some blood oranges, cherries and blueberries. They are full of anti-oxidants, which decrease aging and lower the rates of disease by lowering inflammation. Want to clean the bad stuff out of your liver? Try turnips and mustard greens. A healthy liver brightens our eyes and tightens our skin, says Dr, Julia Tatum Hunter.

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