Pfizer Approves COVID Booster Shot for Children Ages 5-11

Some parents, however, have many questions and may be on the fence about the additional dose

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On Tuesday, the FDA approved Pfizer booster shots for children ages 5-11, but many parents have questions or are simply on the fence about having their child get it.

The news comes on the heels of a surge in COVID-19 cases in San Diego and the eve of summer break for students and families.

Dr. John Bradley, the medical director of infectious diseases at Rady Children’s Hospital, said parents should get their children vaccinated and boosted now to ads an extra layer of protection against the virus.

At least one local parent won't be opting for the booster.

“I have a 5-year-old and a 3-year-old and a 6-month-old,” said Jenna Roth, who lives in San Diego.

Roth said she won’t let the surge alter her summer plans she has for her and her family.

“At this point, I’m like, 'We’re just living our life like we used to,' ” Roth said.

While Roth doesn’t plan to immunize her oldest son, she said she would consider it if it’s required by his school district.

“I think that with your kids, it just feels a little different, and you want to just take things slower, like, you’re caring for them,” Roth said.

Bradley, however, said otherwise.

”I think there is no reason to wait,” Bradley said.

The third shot was authorized by the FDA after trial results showed what it calls a robust response on antibodies in kids 5- to 11-years-old one month after receiving the booster.

“As schools start to wind down for the season, all these kids are going to be playing together," Bradley said. "Kids aren’t going to be isolating at home this summer. They’re going to be out."

For children who have had COVID-19 and have been vaccinated, Bradley had this to say: "Even if your child has had COVD, we’re recommending the vaccine and the booster because we know that your child will be protected.”

Bradley said the vaccine not only protects your child but those around your child, too.

According to Bradley, a fourth booster shot is likely for this age group, too.

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