Sony Serves Up Kitchen Edition of Xperia Tablet Z

Not many computers come preloaded with 260 recipes for dinner.

Then again, not every computer maker approaches the consumer market calling their product “the perfect kitchen companion.”

Sony Electronics, which has its U.S. office in Rancho Bernardo, has introduced a Kitchen Edition of its Xperia Tablet Z.

Sony says the device comes with $115 worth of accessories, content and recipes. The package includes a meat thermometer that can communicate data to the tablet using Bluetooth wireless technology. There’s a stand for propping the tablet up on the counter. Also included is a variety of food-related software, including supermarket list, pantry inventory and meal planning applications.

Like other computers in the family, the tablet is water resistant and can be safely rinsed off — provided that all ports and covers are firmly closed. Sony says its product can withstand a half hour soak in 3 feet of water.

The retail price starts at $649.

The move hearkens back a dozen years or so, when Gateway Inc. (then based in San Diego) rolled out a small personal computer meant to be mounted on the underside of a kitchen cupboard. Gateway found that the market of the early 2000s was not yet ready for a kitchen computer.

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