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Dagmar Midcap's forecast



    Dagmar Midcap's  forecast

    Stay cautious out there everyone! - although the overnight hours will bring cooler temps, the humidity levels stay low with very poor recovery even along the coast. 

    Offshore winds will subside slightly over the deserts and immediate coast but the inland valleys and especially the ridgelines will feel dry winds gusting into the 30 mph mark at times.

    Elevated fire weather will turn to critical fire weather Thursday and Friday as another Santa Ana set up builds into place.



    Coast: clear and dry - low 50's into the low 60's

    Inland: clear, very dry and breezy - upper 50's to low 60's

    Mountains: clear, very dry with gusty winds - low to upper 50's

    Deserts: clear and dry, breezy - mid 60's