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Stuttering Fox Newser: America Not a Pure Society

Kilmeade offers his nuggets of wisdom to dispute scientific study



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    Brian Kilmeade wants to be known as Dr. Kilmeade for his insights on genetics, race and "ethnics."

    A popular Fox News personality made an unscripted -- and unintelligent -- commentary on American marriage habits, claiming the US was not a "pure society" because "we keep marrying other species and ethnics."

    The rambling and aggressively unscientific "hypothesis" came during an episode of "Fox and Friends" where the cheery and saccharine hosts were discussing a study that showed that married people are less inclined towards developing dementia than their single counterparts.

    The experiment was conducted in Sweden and Finland -- prompting Brian Kilmeade to offer a sputtering rebuttal.

    "We, uh. We're uh. We keep marrying other species and ethnics and uhhh," Kilmeade said haltingly, drawing confused looks from his co-hosts who valiantly tried to stop him.

    But Kilmeade persisted and tried to expand on his deflating argument.

    "The Swedes have pure genes, because they marry other Swedes because that's their role," he continued. "Finland. Finns marry other Finns, so they have a pure society. In America, we marry everybody. So we marry Italians, Irish. So that [study] does not apply to us."

    How Kilmeade deduced that mixed race people are immune to scientific truths was not probed. The trio quickly moved on to other topics as Kilmeade announced "that's how I feel."

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