Waves ‘n Woofs: It's Pet Day on the Bay

The Fido-fun fundraiser will set sail to help hounds in need.

IF A POOCH AND SEAL... could hold a conversation, a real heart-to-heart type of talk, what might the topics be? Some might sniff at the notion, claiming that canines and their canine-esque ocean-loving pals don't have enough commonalities, but we think that the two could find a lot to discuss. A love of food? Digging the sunshine and fresh air? How to give a really loud and attention-getting bark or sound? Yep, dogs and seals, if they spoke the same language, would find so much to go back-and-forth about. And while seals and sea lions are rarely given the chance to leave the shore, and go inland, loving the water as much as they do, our hounds are sometimes invited to board a boat and enjoy a pleasant cruise along the waves. And such an opportunity for our best buddies is just ahead, on Saturday, April 28, when...

PET DAY ON THE BAY... returns to San Diego Bay. Hornblower Cruises & Events, which is the company behind the sweet fundraiser, is "... generously donating a portion of the proceeds to the orphaned pets of the Helen Woodward Animal Center..." of Rancho Santa Fe. It's the 18th year, so, yep, this is a long-running tradition, and there are a few times to choose from during the day, starting at 9:30 in the morning. Your ticket is $27, while your lil' guy's admission is gratis (one free pup with one paid adult, is the deal). Should you dress up your floofie in something ocean-cute, like a lobster outfit or a nautical get-up. Oh, yeah, absolutely, if you have such clothing on hand. Should you bring blankets and other dogly donatable items to drop off? That would be grand. For all of...

YOUR NEED-TO-KNOW INFO, do stop by this site now. And ponder what a seal might say to a dog, or vice versa, if the two ever had a chance to meet up for lunch, on land or at the ocean.

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