Volcan Valley Apple Farm: U Pick Opening

Get excited: It's nearly that time up 'round Julian, fall lovers.

SEPTEMBER SEEMS LIKE THE START... of things, at least when it comes to autumn, and fall fans can find themselves feeling a mite impatient as the ninth month approaches. We can, of course, begin our autumnal affairs before September, but August still seems like it has both feet in summer, and sipping cider, and making caramel treats, isn't at the top of many lists. But take good heart, and find much cheer, autumnists, for that center of fall festivities, Julian, has sent out an early message of seasonal fun: Volcan Valley Apple Farm will be opening its gate to those who want their pomme perfection straight from the trees on...

FRIDAY, AUG. 25: That's a full week ahead of September's start, so, yes, autumn shall be off and running. You'll want to head just north of Julian to find the farm, which is located at 1284 Julian Orchards Drive. What should you expect? Loads of luscious appledom. There are seven varieties to choose from, including Gravenstein, Gala, Jonathans, Empire, Fuji, Pippin, and Golden Delicious. Can any of those work into the next pie you bake? Can they all work into your future fall pastry treats? The harvest'll run about 7 to 8 weeks, note, and note that admission is a buck (that's if you're over the age of 5). A U-Pick bag? It's $12 and can hold around 6 or 7 pounds. 

MORE GOOD NEWS? "The trees are yielding perfectly succulent, juicy, sweet, crisp apples this season," revealed Emily Dreiling, the manager of the orchard. Ms. Dreiling also reveals that guests should looking forward to improved parking and "...new passageways between long rows for easier access." Oh yeah. This is tempting, apple aficionados, and it means the crispest season is just making its grand entrance. Need some fall happiness? No need to wait for September: It starts at Volcan Valley on Aug. 25, 2017.

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