Try Before You Buy

"Tryvertising" is the latest marketing technique to get consumers to buy.

Try it and you might like it enough to buy it. "Tryvertising" is the latest marketing trend to get consumers hooked.    And Alliant International University is jumping on the latest consumer bandwagon by launching "Sample U". It's described as the first of its kind  university-based, product research laboratory in the U.S.  People  come in and sample items-- from food sauces to gadgets that clip your grocery list and pen on your shopping cart to technology items as big as big screen TVs.  "Companies need feedback about their products and new inventors need to know how to 'change it up' and make it appealing to the public" says Abi Leyva, Sample U spokesperson.

Sample U is still trying to figure out how and when to schedule the sample sessions. A fee will be charged to the participating companies or inventors. The public will also pay but will get 'samples' in return says Leyva.  Even though "California is the largest sampling market, there is lack of feedback observes Miles Beauchamp, PH.d, assistant professor at AlliantSample U will work with Alliant's professors, graduate students and undergraduate students to administer the program.

"Tryvertising" is a new breed of product placement, according to advertising experts. The old way of randomly giving out samples to the general public, doesn't guarantee they will buy the item nor does the company get any feedback about their product.  Sample U hopes their concept of "try before you buy" is a learning experience for them and for the companies that use their research lab.

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