Comic-Con 2012 Tips and Tricks

May the force be with you

NY Comic Con

Right now, 100,000 of your closest friends are either in, or making their way to Comic-Con International also known as the nerd Super Bowl.

And while it can be fun, it is exhausting and if you don’t know what to do or even how to maneuver, what you thought would be the happiest place on earth can quickly turn to the most irritating place on earth.

So here are some quick tips to help you have a good time, have the best Comic-Con experience possible, but most importantly, not glare at the person in line beside you.

May the force be with you.

One, dress in layers. You might be scratching your head but go with me here. If you’re going to be camped out for Hall H or Ballroom 20 you’re going to find yourself facing several temperatures. Cold. Cool. Warm, Hot. Extremely Hot. Freezing. And that’s all while you’re trying to get into the nirvana known as Hall H.

Most likely, you’ll be outside before dawn and then wait until 10:30 a.m. when the Powers that Be known as the "Comic-Con gods" open up the doors to Hall H.

And event though they’ve been kind to put up tents to help break the heat, it still gets mighty warm. Then once in Hall H, it’s going to be freezing. Remember it seats 6,500 people and they have to keep the temperature cool so all that body heat doesn’t make the room unbearable. So, bring that long sleeved shirt so you’ll be comfortable.

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Two, shoes are important. This is not the time to pack your 3-inch heels. You will be standing and standing in lines. You’ll also be doing lots of walking. Whether it is to your seat or to the different panels scattered about, you will be on your feet a lot. So sneakers, flats or any other comfortable pair of shoes is a must.

Three bring your own snacks. You may not be able to make it to the concession stand in between panels, so a granola bar, Power bar, fruit (not messy) is a must to give you the fuel you need to power through the sessions.

Water. Water. Water. You will be sweating and hydration gives you energy. Comic-Con isn’t a race, but an endurance test.

Sacrifice. Accept the fact that you cannot be in two places at one time. This year’s con has a lot of competing panels and although you may want to be at both, the reality is you cannot. Gone are the days where you could panel hope because the con has gone from this quaint little gathering of friends to this massive convention.

Accept. You’ll be sitting next to that guy or that girl. That guy is the guy who hasn’t showered in two or three days and reeks of nachos, pizza and other forms of body odor. Or that girl, the one who has been screaming since she arrived in San Diego. Both are annoying, but don’t let them rain on your parade.

Listen and watch to the crowds. There are a lot of surprise guests at Comic-Con and oftentimes, the crowds know who’s there before the mainstream media. And the crowds may not be just on the panels, but in the crowds as well.

And finally, don’t forget to have fun. Remember Comic-Con only comes once a year so remember to enjoy yourself.

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