The Wall of Flame Challenge


Honestly, it sounds like torture.

In the Wall of Flame Challenge, at the True North Tavern, customers are tempted with a Man vs. Food scenario that will test the limits of even the spiciest tongues.

Participants have 5 minutes to eat two tacos infused with what’s called “ghost chili.” Afterwards they must sit for 5 minutes without eating or drinking anything.

The spicy part is what’s in the sauce - a mixture of Japanese chilis, Habanero chilis, Serrano peppers, Ghost Chili extract and a secret ingredient, according to manager Mike Anelli.

Guinness Book of World Records ranks Ghost Chili as the hottest chili in the world.

It’s been compared to drinking a cocktail of battery acid and glass shards.

If you manage to beat the heat, you’ll get your photo on the wall, as well as free tacos and a T-shirt.

The Wall of Flame Challenge takes place Wednesdays from 7 to 10 p.m.

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