“The Other Guys” (and Girl) Get Playful

It was all laughs in Hall H during “The Other Guys” portion of the Sony Pictures Entertainment Panel.

Actors Will Ferrell, Mark Wahlberg, Eva Mendes and co-writer/director Adam McKay fielded all kinds of questions from Comic-Con members and had some serious fun with their answers. The questions ranged from the challenges of creating the film to Ferrell’s favorite movie quotes.

In an homage to his role as Ron Burgandy, Ferrell told the crowd “It is a pleasure to be here in the Whales Vagina, which is the literal translation of San Di-ago.”

Some memorable moments from the panel were not questions themselves, but instead, the actors’ interaction with the members.

In one instance, the panel made a 16-year-old blush as the panelists egged him on about his attraction to Eva Mendes. Wahlberg made the situation a little more awkward as he discussed something birds and bees related (did we mention the teen’s mom was in the room? Awkward!)

Another moment had the crowd laughing as Will Ferrell impersonated a Comic-Con member who asked him a question with a cracking voice of a coming-of-age teen.

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Lastly, Mendes was reunited with a Comic-Con member who had asked her a question five years ago as a child. When the now teen introduced himself, Mendes immediately expressed shock that the teen, who called her “foxy” at a Ghostwriter panel had come back to ask her another question.

An exclusive announcement was also made at the panel. McKay revealed a new movie, which he called “one of the cooler things we’ve ever done.”

The film is called “The Virginity Hit.” To the audiences’ delight, McKay also revealed that there would be a screening of the new movie at the Redding Gaslamp Theatre.

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