State Senate Rescues Warm Noodles

As Rome burned, Nero played the fiddle. With California’s budget in the ashes, is the legislature noodling with a solution?

Or are they noodling with noodles? 
Nineteen billion dollars in the hole, and Senator Leland Yee has come up with SB 888, unanimously passed by the Senate.

SB 888 doesn’t solve the budget, but it does try to solve a problem with Asian rice noodles. You see, any noodle connoisseur will tell you there’s only one way to serve them: room temperature. But that’s a violation of a state health rule, which says food must be kept either below 41 degrees, or above 140 degrees.
Now, 8 is a very lucky number in Chinese culture. It is symbolic of good fortune. It was no coincidence the Beijing Olympics began at 8pm on August 8, 2008: 8/8/08. Senator Yee’s bill will be applauded by Asian restaurateurs, who will be allowed to serve their noodles the way they feel they should be served. So good fortune may descend on them.

But with $19 billion of red ink, should we spend our time, and our good fortune, on anything but our budget mess?


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