Spike Gets a Second “Chance”

The miniature horse mauled by pit bulls back in January gets a second chance

Volunteers from all reaches of the county have joined together to nurse a miniature horse named Spike back to health, more than four months after he was mauled by a pack of pit bulls, reports our media partner the North County Times. These special volunteers -- including an equine therapist, a ranch owner and a noted plastic surgeon -- now fittingly enough call him "Chance."

Back on January 31, a pack of four pit bulls dragged Spike from his corral and left him with a twisted spine and left front leg, a dislodged palate and a strip of skin ripped off his nose, according to owner Robin Hansen. (Read more about Spike's attack: When Pit Bulls Attack.)

Laurie Baker, owner of  "Hands On Horses", has been treating Spike twice a week since March. After reading about Spike in the North County Times, Baker offered her equine therapy services.

"Everytime I work on him he gets a little better," Baker said. "I don't know where his treatment will end up, but at least where he's at now, he will survive and be healthy. We're going to keep at it...and give him the fighting chance he needs."

Read the full North County Times article: Ramona: Volunteers give mauled horse another "Chance".

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