Special Train Service to FivePoint Amphitheatre Begins

Heading to Irvine to see a show? Amtrak can help you get there.

A PERFECT CONCERT... can shake out a lot of the week, can connect you with memories you treasure (and the songs that bring them back), can deliver the step-out-of-the-everyday-ness you desire, but can't always find the time for, at home. Songs are transportive, through and through, but before we're transported by them, we need to transport to where the artist we love, or the band we know like friends, might be playing. And that's always such a major part of a major concert: How do we get there, where do we park, how much does that cost, how will departure go, at the end of the night, and so on, so on, and, yes, so on. What if you could simply hop on a train, though, a train scheduled specifically around the high-profile show you scored a ticket to, and take a train home later that evening? And what if the station sat just a pinch from where the whole concert was rocking out? So many questions, one great answer for the summer of 2018: 

THE AMTRAK PACIFIC SURFLINER... "... will offer special train service for concertgoers traveling to and from the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine during the 2018 concert season," a season that runs right through the final day of September. How long is the stroll between the station and the venue? The good word is "less than five minutes." Other good words are happening, too, like "(d)iscounted" Pacific Surfliner fares on select nights and "Fast Lane access" into FivePoint Amphitheatre when you show your train ticket. Heading there from San Diego or Los Angeles? Yep, the Surfliner is your train to guitar strums, drum solos, and not having to drive there and back. For all of the details on the special spring and summer trains, as well as when the last train out'll be each night, and all of the important stuff you should review before purchasing, choo-choo in this direction now.

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