Shark Search: New Dana Point Tour

Sightings have gone up, and the fin-seeking OCean Adventures Catamaran is heading out on Saturdays.

IT'S A MEGA UNDERSTATEMENT... to say that more than a few critters call our ocean home. The big water fully teems and burbles with all kinds of life, from coral to crabs to the largest living creatures on this planet. Which means we could spend a lifetime, or several, attempting to see just a sliver of these beasties in their regular habitat. And while whale-watching outings are regular happening around the shores of Southern California, finding one that puts the focus on another mondo-of-size superstar can be a bit trickier. We speak of the shark, yes, and while there are places to see the fin-fantastic wonders, from the pettable sharks of the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach to the recently debuted Shark Frenzy ride at the Santa Monica Pier, heading out onto the oceanic vastness to see what we can see is a rarer treat. But should you sign up with the new...

SHARK SEARCH SATURDAY... adventures, with Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching, you just might get a glimpse of some gargantuan, gill-rocking shark. A number of young great whites have been seen in recent days around Long Beach, and guests aboard the OCean Adventures Catamaran may come across the famous shark as well as makos, threshers, hammerheads, and blues. You'll certainly see some beautiful sea birds, and maybe those barking cuties that hang close to the harbor (hello seals, hello sea lions). The first Shark Search? It's opened on Saturday, May 13. The price? It's $45, and the company limits the number of guests "for better viewing." Might you come across one of these epic, oh-so-prehistoric icons? It could happen: The ocean is colossal and deep with living treasure.

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