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Send Us the Next SoundDiego Theme Song

SoundDiego TV is on the hunt for a brand new theme song -- think you got what it takes?

Got a red-hot new riff to share with San Diego? Does your friend’s band have ear candy that just won’t quit? You're in luck: SoundDiego TV is on the hunt for a new theme song.

SoundDiego’s now in its sixth year, and what was true then is true now: We’re all about supporting the local scene -- which is why we’ve always chosen local artists for our theme music.

It’s been more than 225 episodes since SoundDiego first cracked the San Diego airwaves with our debut show, which kicked off with Dynamite Walls’ “Sing Out Loud,” a song -- and video -- we found when we interviewed frontman Tom Pritchard about his Encinitas indie-rock band for a Spotlight segment on the show in 2011, which they then followed up by headlining an unforgettable SoundDiego LIVE party at the Saloon in their hometown.

Way back then, we had two theme songs -- an opener and a closer that ran under our show's closing credits. Eric Swank turned us onto “Party,” by his dance party band, the Hampton Beats. The song and its catchy “I lost my body at the party” refrain was the perfect way to send our viewers off into Saturday nights. And, yes, we booked the Beats, too, for SoundDiego LIVE XXVI in 2012.

Sadly, both Pritchard and Swank had shuffled off to other projects (and LA!) by the time we hit the reboot button in 2015, splashing out new graphics with a blistering new theme song to boot, fronted by local guitar-lick maven Joshua Kmak and his now-defunct Shady Francos project.

While we still love “Lucy’s Kickin’ the Habit,” it's that time again: We're looking forward to a new look for the show and the opening bars of a new theme song.

So send us your choice -- whether it's your song or a friend’s or from a band you love. Just two rules: It has to have been recorded within the last couple years, and it has to be written, performed and recorded by a local San Diego band/artist.

We’ll be paying for the privilege of using the song, of course, plus we’ll be booking the lucky winner for an upcoming SoundDiego LIVE event and promoting them on the show as well.

The search ends on Nov. 15 at 12:00 a.m., so be sure to send links to while you can!

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