San Diegans Say Final Farewell to Jackson

Fans who were lucky enough to get tickets to Michael Jackson’s memorial knew they were witnessing history. They were tired, excited, overwhelmed and full of so much emotion from the day's event.  

San Diegans who went to the Memorial say being there in person was almost indescribable.

“It was unbelievable. I was just shocked, stunned. ‘I was saying wow I am really here?’ Dana Adair said.

For years Adair dreamed of seeing Michael Jackson live onstage, but was never able to get tickets. Tuesday she got her chance to see him but never thought it would be for his memorial.

“I am grateful -- so pleased that I was picked to see the Michael Jackson memorial,” Adair said.

A group of young North County fans were also grateful and say seeing Jackson's casket in person was surreal.

“When they brought it in it was silent you could really feel his presence. I can’t describe it in words. It was amazing,” Azin Alavi said.

Certain performances during the memorial struck a chord with Jackson’s fans.

“The performers would actually perform to Michael Jackson. That added a whole new level to the performance, Nathaniel Brown said.

Jermaine Jackson's smile reminded Adair why she loved the pop star.

“Cause every time I would see Michael he was always smiling. I just thought back to all the pictures I have of him,” she said.

Attendees received a Memorial booklet from the event. They say Michael may be gone but the book, the memorial and his music will be with them forever.

“This is memorabilia for a lifetime. You can’t buy it in the store. This is something that I know I will always have," Adair said.

Michael Jackson's memorial booklet, which includes the pop icon’s obituary, is a hot item. They are already for sale in San Diego for hundreds of dollars on sites like e-Bay and Craigslist.

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